Hydrogen Leak Detection System

Manage the risk of wasteful and potentially explosive hydrogen leaks.

Hydrogen vehicles bring additional challenges that need to be considered to ensure buses and coaches remain save and efficient. With a high propensity to leak through any seals and a wide flammability limit, the risk of hydrogen fuel leaks needs to be addressed.

Hydrogen vehicles bring additional challenges that need to be considered to ensure buses and coaches remain safe and efficient. Hydrogen has a high propensity to permeate through any seals. This, together with a high flammability limit in air, mean the risk of hydrogen fuel leaks need to be addressed to minimise waste and potential explosions.

High Accuracy

The system detects levels of hydrogen up to 100% of the Lower Flammability Limit (LFL).

Warning and alarm notifications

The system provides a warning and an alarm at two levels, in accordance with HSE RR1123.

Operation without vehicle power

An internal back-up rechargeable battery allows detection of hydrogen while the vehicle is off.

How it Works

Hydrogen Leak Detection System Sensor

The Forman Hydrogen Leak Detection System uses high-quality catalytic sensors capable of detecting hydrogen levels from 0% to 100% of the Lower Flammability Limit (LFL). The sensor comprises a reference element and a sensing element. The reference element compensates for environmental changes in pressure, humidity, and temperature. Hydrogen reacts on the sensing element which increases its resistance compared to the reference element. This ‘out-of-balance’ voltage sends a signal to the Hydrogen Detector Module which provides warning and alarm notifications.

The default warning and alarm levels are set at 10% and 25% of LFL (Lower Flammability Limit) respectively.

Integration with Forman VMMS and Forman VCM

Up to four Hydrogen Detector Zones, with mutiple sensors per zone, can be integrated with the Forman VMMS Vehicle Multi-Message System and Forman VCM Fire Suppression System Control Module to deliver warning and alarms notifications.
When integrated with the Forman VMMS, the driver will receive voice messages alerting them of a warning or alarm condition if hydrogen levels reach the predetermined levels.

Key Features

  • Long operation life, up to 5 years
  • Sensitive to hydrogen, methane, and LP gas
  • Low pre-conditioning period ≤30s
  • Rapid periodic testing checks and recalibration
  • Billet aluminium enclosure
  • Ability to have additional sensors with no impact on the wiring harness
  • Internal rechargeable battery with over 72 hours battery life
  • Resistant against cross-sensitive organic vapours and silicon compounds in harsh environments

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