Reducing excess fuel consumption, engine running time and emissions

The Forman Engine Shutdown Unit is designed to reduce excess fuel consumption, engine running time and emissions by monitoring and limiting vehicle idle time.

The V-ESU automatically shuts down the vehicle engine after a defined period of time. A warning signal is given before the engine is cut, allowing the driver to cancel the process.

Three monitoring inputs

V-ESU monitors three critical inputs to track vehicle state – handbrake, vehicle speed and gearbox position.


The system offers configurable switch settings for the engine shutdown time delay period – 5, 8 or 10 minutes.

VMMS compatible

A pre-warning audio message can be delivered to the driver via the Forman VMMS – “Warning, vehicle will shut down in 30 seconds”.

EMC approved

The Forman V-ESU is EMC approved to 2004/104/EC for electromagnetic compatibility.

How the Forman V-ESU Works

V-ESU monitors the vehicle running state by connecting the unit inputs to three critical vehicle signals. The recommended signals are:

  • Vehicle handbrake applied
  • Vehicle not moving (speed below 5km/h)
  • Gearbox in neutral position

When all three inputs are active for a pre-determined period of time, the V-ESU engine shutdown timer will start. The shutdown time period can be preset to 5, 8 or 10 minutes.

If all inputs remain active during the shutdown period, then the unit provides a switch output which can be used to break the ignition switch circuit. An additional switched output which is active for 30 seconds before the timer window has expired is provided for a pre-warning message provided through the Forman VMMS – “Warning, vehicle will shut down in 30 seconds”.

Vehicle Idling Legislation

Vehicle idling is an offence under the England Road Traffic (Vehicle Emissions)(Fixed Penalty) (England) Regulations 2002The legislation covers all vehicles on public roads, including buses and coaches, and fixed penalties of £20 for stationary idling offences, and £60 for emissions offences may be issued if you fail to comply. In addition, Transport for London advises its bus drivers to turn off their engines at bus stops and when regulating the service, with the aim of all London buses being zero emission vehicles by 2037.

legislation on engine shutdown in buses and coaches

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