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VLMS-6E 12-24V – Vehicle LED Monitoring System


Key Features

  • Failure Monitoring of up to 6 individual circuits
  • 12 & 24v vehicle light monitoring
  • Self-Calibration stores load characteristics of each circuit
  • Configurable fault failure thresholds
  • EMC Approved


The VLMS-6E connects in-line with vehicle lighting circuits to passively monitor up to 6 separate LED light circuits. When the load of a circuit falls below the stored fault threshold, due to a partial failure or an open-circuit, individual outputs provide failure feedback. The VLMS-6E works with both 12 & 24v vehicle systems.

During installation, the VLMS-6E operates a self-calibration cycle where it stores the normal operating load of each monitored circuit – calibration can be repeated at any time. The stored values are used to determine when the circuit load is less than the set fault threshold. Under failure conditions, a feedback output becomes active for each affected circuit – this is ideal for controlling a dedicated warning light or buzzer, or for activating an audible message when connected to a V-series Vehicle Multi-Message System (VMMS).

The VLMS-6E has a simple user interface that consists of one LED and three switches on the front panel for checking the status and setting the calibration and fault threshold limits.


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