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VLMS-6 – Low Power LED Light Monitor

VLMS-6 (Custom)

Key Features

    • Failure Monitoring of up to 6 individual circuits
    • Signal and Emulation Modes
    • Configurable Failure Thresholds of 10mA, 25mA and 50mA
    • Ideal for Direction Indicators and Marker Lights
    • 24VDC Application
    • EMC Approved


The VLMS-6 connects in-line with vehicle lighting circuits to passively monitor up to 6 separate low power LED light circuits. When the load of a circuit falls below a configurable threshold, due to a partial failure or an open-circuit, individual outputs provide failure feedback. The VLMS-6 can be configured to operate in either Signal or Emulation modes – providing a universal solution for the legal requirement of direction indicator monitoring.

Signal and Emulation Modes

In Signal mode, the feedback output becomes active when a failure has occurred – this mode is ideal for controlling a dedicated warning light or buzzer, or for activating an audible message when connected to a Vseries Vehicle Multi-Message System (VMMS).

In Emulation mode, the feedback output is inverted to provide a ground connection while the circuit is operating correctly – this output can be used to control the connection of a ‘bulb emulating’ load resistor, when the controlling circuit is configured for a 21W bulb. When a failure is detected, the output becomes open circuit, thus disconnecting the load resistor.

Configurable Failure Thresholds

The VLMS-6 has three configurable failure thresholds of 10mA, 25mA and 50mA. When the load of the circuit falls below the set threshold, the failure feedback is activated. These low current thresholds allow LED lights as low as 0.25W to be monitored.

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