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VLCU Automatic Lighting Control

VLCU (Custom)

Key Features

  • Automatic Control of Lighting Circuits Relative to Ambient Light Level
  • Advanced Optical Sensing Technology
  • User Configurable Sensitivity
  • 2 Separate Circuits with Independent Light Level Settings
  • Ideal for Automatic Headlights, Interior Lights and VMMS Driver Messages
  • 24VDC Application
  • EMC Approved


The VLCU uses advanced optical sensor technology to determine the ambient light level and control a number of circuits accordingly. Mounted behind the vehicles windscreen, the sensor accurately measures the light levels being seen by the driver and can be used to either directly control the activation of headlights and interior lights, or to prompt a driver action.

Configurable Sensitivity

Two separate control circuits are provided, each with independent, user configurable sensitivity settings for ON and OFF light level switching. The two circuits have been designed to offer a split between interior and exterior lighting control. A range of light levels from 200lux to 3900lux can be set via the VLCU interface, allowing customisation to suit each installation and operating conditions. Each circuit has a matched pair of outputs which can be used to control relays, drive warning lights and buzzers or to interface with a V-series VMMS (Vehicle Multi-Message System) control unit. An input is provided for the connection of an override switch to isolate the circuit outputs.

VMMS Interface

In applications where direct control of circuits is not desired or permitted, the outputs of the VLCU can be connected directly to a VMMS (Vehicle Multi-Message System) control unit to communicate spoken-word instructions to the driver. Messages may include instructions to manually turn headlights on/off, or to turn saloon lights on/off. Custom messages are also available on request.

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