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VLAU V2 – Vehicle Loop Amplifier

ear_loop        vlau_v2_vehicle_loop_amplifier

Key Features

  • Programmable Dual Channel Induction Loop Amplifier
  • 24VDC Application
  • Built-in IBUS interface
  • AMP Multilock 070 Series interface connector and XLR audio connectors
  • Microphone input, Headphone and Line Output
  • LED Indication for power, auto gain, cab and saloon outputs
  • Volume, tone and gain controls for platform and saloon system
  • Robust housing with fixing plate.
  • EMC Approval to UN Reg 10 – E11 10R-059895
  • Customer Pre-check function option


VLAU2 is an audio-frequency induction loop system (AFILS) product. It can drive two separate induction loops and is designed for use with our loop coil pads, which provide localised hearing loop areas. This system is targeted at bus vehicle installations. Typically, one loop is assigned to the cab area to facilitate communication between the driver and passenger. The other loop is assigned to the saloon area for use with the vehicle’s announcement system (e.g. IBUS or IBIS). A microphone input is provided for the cab area. A speaker-tap or dedicated line-level input is provided for the saloon area. A headphone output is provided to aid the installation process.

TFL Compliant

The FVS vehicle Induction loop system is designed in line with transport for London (TFL) requirements, includes a driver/ entrance platform system to assist the passenger when in communication with the driver and an additional passenger announcement system connected to the vehicle IBUS equipment which covers the front priority seating and wheelchair access area.

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