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We have a number of product demonstration videos for you to view, please select each video from the list below for further information:


  • Fire Suppression System Animation
    A demonstration of our standard fire suppression system, this can be viewed full screen.
  • Disk Brake Indirect
    Testing the effectivenes of Novec 1230
  • Dry powder test
    Note the coverage of the powder burst, forming a layer to help prevent re-combustion
  • Electrical Box Test
    Pyroflex test
  • FVS powder based system test fire
    Note the extra coverage with the powder system
  • Monnex dry powder in action
    Dry powder is the recommended medium for an oil based fire
  • Periodic test fire
    As part of our ongoing quality control we carry out random test fires of our equipment in the field at various stages in the system service life, the content amount deployed is carefully examined and weighed to help us determine optimum service schedules.
  • Swedish approval
    Passing the Swedish SBF123:1 (the only standard specifically relating to Fire Suppression on buses)
  • Test firing
    We carry out extensive research into the performance of our equipment
  • Water based system test fire
    We were asked to test fire a competitors water based system to compare with an FVS powder sytem – the results speak for themselves!View the FVS powder video

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