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V-ILS Vehicle Audio-Frequency Induction Loop System



Key Features

  • Conforms with disability and safety regulations
  • Saloon passenger announcement interface
  • EMC approval to UN Reg 10-E11 10R-059260
  • Induction loop pad at vehicle entrance for direct communication between passenger and driver
  • AFIL labels for clear designation of induction loop areas



Ambient noise and physical barriers in buses, such as the sound of the engine, greater distance between the source of a sound and the security screen between driver and passenger, can make it difficult for hearing impaired passengers to discern relevant information.

The Forman V-ILS is designed to enable users of hearing aids to communicate more clearly with the driver and receive on-board information directly into their hearing aid device.

The system conforms to the BS 7594 code of practice for AFILS and the Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations (PSVAR) which requires that all public service vehicles have adequate provisions for the hearing impaired.

The Forman Vehicle Induction Loop System works by using a source sound, either the voice of the bus driver transmitted via a microphone, or a speaker input from the vehicle information system. The system drives two separate induction loop systems. This means two separate sound sources can be used on the same system, which provide localised hearing loop areas.

The first induction loop is located at the front of the bus at the driver’s cab. The driver can speak to the passenger using a microphone located in the cab, which is the amplified via the platform pad in the ceiling above and received through the hearing aid.

The second induction loop can be positioned in the ceiling above priority seating and wheelchair areas or above the entire saloon. This induction loop allows for the transmission of the vehicle information system announcements such as information on stops and delays.

Example Equipment Location



More information: Forman V-ILS Vehicle Audio-Frequency Induction Loop System Flyer

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