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V-ESU Vehicle Engine Shutdown Unit

VESU (Custom)

Key Features

  • Three monitoring input circuits
  • Configurable switch setting for shutdown time delay
  • Fuel Saving System
  • 24VDC Application
  • EMC Approved


The Vehicle Engine shutdown Unit monitors the vehicle running state by connecting the unit inputs to vehicle signals e.g. Handbrake, vehicle speed, gearbox in neutral, throttle pedal position etc.

When all ‘safety related’ inputs are active for more than 5 minutes the shutdown timer will start.

If all inputs remain active during the shutdown time period then the unit will provide a switch output which can be used to break the ignition switch circuit (connected to external relay).

An additional switched output which is active 30 seconds before the timer window has expired is provided for a pre-warning signal – VMMS message ‘warning vehicle will shut down in 30 seconds’

The shut down time period can be pre-set to 5, 8, 10 minutes.

More information : V-ESU Product Sheet

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