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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System


Key Features

  • Tyre Pressure and temperature Monitoring
  • CAN J1939 Interface with FVS VMMS
  • Audible and/or visual Driver alert
  • Multiple Tyre pressure monitoring


The TPMS checks tyre pressures every twelve seconds, while the vehicle is in motion, and gives a clear alert for any problem. The system helps you ensure that tyres are always correctly inflated.

TPMS doesn’t just check tyre pressures; it checks temperature as well.

Whether it’s a stressed tyre, binding brakes or a hot bearing, overheating can cause a fire or blowout. The system temperature and pressure monitoring gives a clear and immediate alert.

This means that issues can be dealt with safely and with minimum disruption to the journey.

Unlike other systems, The TPMS heavy duty systems continue to check tyres every hour while the vehicle is parked.

The display updates as soon as the vehicle is restarted, so the current condition is always shown.

This saves time on walk-around checks and ensures that the pressure of inner tyres is not overlooked.

Interface with the vehicle multi message system VMMS makes this a simple and cost effective solutions.


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