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Temperature & Smoke Monitoring System

Vehicle High Temperature Warning System


Key Features

  • High temperature monitoring Loom
  • EMC Approved Vehicle Multi Message System
  • Optional Smoke Detector
  • Drivers Speaker


The FVS High temperature warning system can be used to monitor high temperature risk areas on vehicles to provide an early warning to the driver/passenger in the event of a thermal incident.

High temperature monitoring cable with thermal cut off thermistors set at the nominal environment temperature for each location on the vehicle are fitted and wired back the Vehicle Multi Message System – VMMS.

The VMMS Unit monitors the thermistor and reacts to any rise in temperature by providing a voice warning message to the driver.

An Optional Smoke detectors can be used with the system to alert the driver – ‘Warning Smoke Detected’

The new VMMS unit also has an input event/storage function which can be used to log the thermal incident. An engineer can access the input event log report which is stored in the units none volatile memory by using the engineers switch to check if an input became active whilst the vehicle was in service.


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