Tyre pressure and temperature monitoring with visual and/or audible driver alerts

Low tyre pressure affects fuel economy, road safety and tyre lifespan. Correct pressure is vital to road safety as low tyre pressure can affect the handling of the vehicle, as well as the grip of the tyres on the road.

The Forman Tyre Pressure Monitoring System provides constant monitoring of the tyres pressure and temperature. An immediate alert is issued to the driver if there is a problem. The system saves time on walk-around checks and helps operators comply with safety obligations.

Continual monitoring

The V-TPS checks the tyre pressure every 12 seconds during operation to provide drivers with live status updates.

Temperature checks

The system also monitors tyre temperature and delivers warnings to the driver in cases of high temperature.

Compatible with VMMS

The V-TPS interfaces with the Forman Vehicle Multi-Message System to provide audible warnings and alerts to the driver.

How the Forman V-TPS Works

The Forman Tyre Pressure Monitoring System monitors tyre pressure in bus and coach tyres, checking the pressure of the tyres every 12 seconds while the vehicle is in motion and warning the driver in case of low pressure. The system checks tyre pressure every hour while the vehicle is stationary, providing continual monitoring and alerting. If low tyre pressure is detected during the vehicle’s stationary period, the system will alert the driver on vehicle start-up, ensuring vehicle condition is always current.

In addition, the Forman V-TPS checks tyre temperature, alerting the driver to any potential overheating. Stressed tyres, binding brakes and hot bearings can lead to tyre overheating, with potentially disastrous consequences such fire or blowouts if not remedied.

The V-TPS can interface with the Forman VMMS Multi-Message System to provide instant audible alerts to the driver in case of low tyre pressure or overheating.

0s Tyre pressure checked every 12 seconds
Graph showing correlation between tyre pressure and tyre life

Tyre Pressure v Tyre Lifespan

Tyre pressure has a large impact on the lifespan of a tyre.

  • At 30% under-inflation, tyres will last only 60% of their intended lifespan.
  • Tyres that are under-inflated by 50% will last only 25% of their intended lifespan.

For vehicles that are on the road for long periods of time, this can mean that tyres need to be changed much more frequently, racking up large bills.

With the Forman Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, operators can be sure that tyres are properly inflated, maximising the tyre lifespan and improving road safety.


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