Clear two-way communication between driver and passenger

Increasing safety measures to protect drivers are an essential part of making public transport safer for everyone, but with these new safety procedures come new challenges.

The implementation of secure screens for drivers to sit behind means that communication between driver and passenger can be more difficult. The Forman V-IU Intercom Unit provides a clear two-way communication between the driver in the cab location and a passenger at the entrance platform, eliminating the challenges created by physical barriers in buses.

Two-way communication

Clear communication between driver and passengers through microphones and speakers


Hands-free operation makes the          V-IU easy and safe to use when the vehicle is in motion.

Adjustable volume

A control unit allows the driver to adjust volume levels in case of background noise level changes.

EMC approved

The Forman V-IU meets Electromagnetic Compatibility requirements.

How the Forman V-IU Works

The flush-fit or surface-mount speakers and microphones are positioned at either side of the protective screen for optimal two-way communication between driver and passenger.

Through the control unit, the driver can adjust the speaker volume as required. An LED light is used to notify the driver and passenger when the system is in use.

The Forman V-IU Intercom Unit control module meets the stringent EMC requirements regarding its electromagnetic compatibility. The intercom unit is easy to install and retrofit, with simple setup procedure.

Forman V-IU Intercom Unit Fitting Placement in Bus

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