The only hearing loop designed specifically for buses and coaches.

Travelling alone on public transport can be a daunting task for deaf people. Ambient noise and physical barriers make communication with the driver and receiving announcements difficult, resulting in trouble discerning important information.

The Forman V-ILS Audio-Frequency Induction Loop System is designed to enable users of hearing aids to communicate more clearly with the driver and receive on-board information directly into their hearing aid device.

Drives two induction loops

The system drives two loops for the delivery of driver/passenger communication and saloon information.

Driver/passenger communication

The induction loop pad at the vehicle’s entrance platform allows for direct communication between driver and passenger.

Passenger announcements

The saloon passenger announcement interface delivers vehicle system information and announcements, such as stops and delays.

Compliant with regulations

The system is compliant with disability and safety regulations, including the BS 7594 code of practice for AFILs.

How the Forman V-ILS Works

The Forman Audio-Frequency Induction Loop System works by using source sound, which is transmitted via an amplifier to the hearing loop pad. The hearing loop pad then creates a magnetic field that is received by hearing aids equipped with a telecoil (t-coil), when switched to the correct setting. The system can work with either a pre-programmed message from the vehicle’s information system or the voice of the bus driver transmitted through a microphone.

The Forman V-ILS drives two separate loop systems. This means that two separate source sounds can be used on the same system to provide localised hearing loop areas to different sections of the bus.

Driver/Passenger Communication

One induction loop system is installed at the entrance of the vehicle. This allows for clear communication between the passenger and the driver, regardless of physical barriers and ambient noise. The microphone in the drivers cab (1) allows communications to be delivered via the loop pad (2). The AFIL label (4) adjacent to the system allows deaf people to identify hearing loop areas.

Forman V-ILS Induction Loop System for Buses fitted in Driver's cab

Passenger Announcements

The other induction loop pad (3) is installed above the saloon for passenger information announcements. The system can either be installed to cover priority seating or the whole of the saloon dependent on preferences. This hearing loop system allows for vehicle information such as information on stops or delays. Designated hearing loop areas within the saloon are denoted by adjacent AFIL labels (4).

Forman V-ILS Induction Loop System fitted in Saloon

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