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Direct Acting Powder Suppression System


The principle is a simple self-activating system that offers the widest versatility and is absolutely safe against malfunction which results in the best cost performance ratio. It does not rely on any complex electronics or any moving parts. Firetrace is the only system of its kind in the industry today.

Firetrace employs a flexible detection and delivery system called Firetrace Tubing. The tubing is manufactured from specially processed polymer materials to achieve the desired heat detection and delivery characteristics. The Firetrace Tubing, which is pressurized, is placed above potential fire hazards and secured in place with brackets provided. The Direct Firetrace system discharges the extinguishant directly from the burst hole in the tube, this will be the closest point to the fire, and will allow the fastest extinguishing time and minimum spread of the fire.


Firetrace automatic fire extinguishing systems do not need any external energy / power supply. This makes it cost effective as no electrical installation / wiring is required. The Firetrace system is always operative even during energy break down. The various methods of installation of the Firetrace automatic detection tube allow adaptation to almost any object or fire risk that requires protection.

The Firetrace automatic detection tube should be considered as a lineal heat / flame detector. When the temperature is increased to above 120°C or the Firetrace automatic detection tube is touched by a flame the tube bursts and initiates the diffusion of the extinguishing medium.

The simple design of the Firetrace automatic fire extinguishing system allows for a minimum of maintenance work. There is a greatly reduced risk of malfunction because there are virtually no moving parts, which reduces the risk of false alarms. The Firetrace automatic detection tube is capable of working even when contaminated with oil, dust and debris as long as the contamination will allow heat to pass through to the tube.

The maintenance of Firetrace automatic fire extinguishing systems is necessary to ensure system reliability, and the periodic discharge requirements are comparable with standard portable fire extinguisher. In comparison to traditional automatic fire suppression systems Firetrace is inexpensive to install and because of the simple design it does not require specialist equipment or highly trained installers.

The Firetrace automatic fire extinguishing system is minimally affected by vibrations or similar disturbances since there are no mechanical function mechanisms or electric contacts, unlike traditional higher cost systems.

The Forman firetrace fire suppression system is a simple self activating system, which is specifically designed for installation in an engine environment or electrical cabinets/enclosures. Firetrace is an automatic self seeking fire extinguisher, which puts out fires where they start by means of a flexible fire detection and delivery tube. The tube is manufactured from specially produced polymer material to achieve the desired detection and delivery characteristics. Firetrace does not rely on detecting a fire at a single point but at any place along the tubes length. An electronic speech module is also used to monitor the engine bay temperature, smoke detection, extinguisher cylinder pressure and system deployment. The speech module can also be programmed to provide additional customer specific messages. In addition a high temperature monitoring loom which includes two thermal cut off devices is fitted in the engine compartment to provide a warning to the driver when a high temperature condition occurs.

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