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6KG Hybrid Fire Suppression Dual Trace Pipe


Key Features

  • CE Approved 6 kg Cylinder & Dual trace Pipe
  • High Temperature Monitoring Loom
  • EMC Approved Vehicle Multi Message System
  • Optional Smoke Detector
  • Drivers Speaker
  • Optional Dual Pressure Switch


The FVS fire suppression system is a simple self-activating system, which is specifically designed for installation in an engine environment or electrical cabinets/enclosures.

The FVS System has an automatic self-seeking fire detection tube that suppresses fires where they start. The tube is manufactured from specially produced polymer material to achieve the desired detection and delivery characteristics.

The detection method does not rely on a single point but at any place along the tubes length.

The 6kg dual trace pipe cylinder is an ideal solution for multi-point protection – engine bay monitoring and separate hybrid battery or electrical compartment coverage.

An electronic speech module is also used to alert the driver if the engine bay temperature is high, extinguisher cylinder pressure status and of a system deployment.

Optional Smoke detectors can be used with the system to alert the driver – ‘Warning Smoke Detected’

The speech module can also be programmed to provide additional customer specific messages.

In addition a high temperature monitoring loom which includes two thermal cut off devices is fitted in the engine compartment to provide a warning to the driver when a high temperature condition occurs.


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