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UNECE R107 Approved Fire Suppression System

UNECE 107 bus fire suppression system

Key Features

  • UNECE Regulation No. 107 certified bus and coach fire suppression systems
  • Reliable operation without false discharges
  • Engine bay temperature rise pre-warning via high temperature monitoring loom
  • Vehicle Multi Message System with shutdown function
  • Driver’s speaker
  • Optional smoke detector
  • Simple maintenance procedure
  • 7-year lifespan


The Forman UNECE Regulation 107 Certified Fire Suppression System delivers reliable protection to engine compartments in buses and coaches. The system has proven to successfully protect diesel, electric, hybrid and hydrogen vehicles against the risk of engine fire.

The system uses Dry Chemical extinguishing agent. This means it can be safely used to protect electrical cabinets and enclosures. Compared to water mist, Dry Chemical agent has proven to extinguish a fire in half the time using half the quantity of agent.

The linear heat detection cable provides rapid fire detection while protecting against false discharges commonly caused by loss of pressure in tube systems. The detection cable can differentiate the signal caused by a problem (cable trapped, kinked or cut) from a high temperature or fire signal.

Forman’s VMMS Vehicle Multi-Message System fully integrates with the Fire Suppression System to deliver status information and alert audio messages directly to the driver, including high temperature warnings, system low pressure alerts and system deployment notifications.

Optional smoke detectors can be used with the system to alert the driver – ‘Warning Smoke Detected’

The speech module can also be programmed to provide additional customer specific messages.

In addition a high temperature monitoring loom which includes two thermal cut off devices is fitted in the engine compartment to provide a warning to the driver when a high temperature condition occurs.

The VMMS unit monitors the cylinder pressure switches and in the event of a rapid pressure drop when the system is in a system deployment state – the unit will output a signal to the vehicle that can be used to switch off the vehicle in order to isolate the fuel pump and engine cooling fan.

UNECE R107 fire suppression system layout

UNECE R107 fire suppression system layout

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